ADR – Dubbing


Dialogues that are hardly audible because of filming and recording conditions – bad weather or traffic noise for instance – will have to be re-recorded in a recording studio. We call this ADR (Automatic Dialogue Recording).

In the studio the actor can see the precise lines that have to be re-recorded. The sound engineer and director will work closely with the actor to make a perfect new recording of the inaudible parts of the script, in which emotion, precise lip-synching and intonation all fall into place. It is essential that the new recording and the visual picture perfectly match otherwise it will look like the actor has been dubbed.



In order to provide Dutch dialogue to foreign productions we make use of dubbing (post-synchronization).

In our recording studio (voice)actors, together with a director and sound engineer, will record translated Dutch or Flemish dialogue to replace the original foreign dialogue.

Cinemeta has two fully equipped sound stages for this purpose.

ADR Dubbing. Cinemeta

Storm – cinema film | Director: Dennis Bots |
Commissioned by sound designer Herman Pieëte

Brimstone – cinema film | Director: Martin Koolhoven