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The Film Production Incentive (Cash Rebate) presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2014, new possibilities to do your picture and sound post production project at CineMeta have arisen.

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The Film Production Incentive is based on a point awarding system. You will find the basics of the system below.

The new Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme, starting Spring 2014, is based on a system of cash rebate. It is aimed at promoting a healthy film production environment in the Netherlands and is designed to reinforce the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry as a whole. The financial contributions are intended to increase the attractiveness of the Netherlands for both national and foreign film productions, raising the production activity of creative and technical film professionals and film companies in the Netherlands, as well as to develop film talent and encourage diversity within Dutch film production.

The Netherlands Film Fund awards grants for production costs to films of cultural value. These production costs must be demonstrably spent in the Netherlands. The scheme is open to applications for feature films and feature-length animated films with a production budget of at least 1 million euros, and to feature length documentaries with a production budget of at least 250.000 euro. A distribution guarantee for the theatrical release in the Netherlands and at least 50% of the production budget should to be in place upon application. The production expenses that are taken into consideration for the calculation of the financial contribution must be directly related to the filmmaking process.

The Incentive guidelines indicate the specific costs that are not considered eligible, such as internal costs, financing costs and insurance costs. The amount of the grant is determined by the production costs 

that are both eligible and demonstrably spent on film professionals or film companies based in the Netherlands, multiplied by 30%. The maximum award is 1 million euro per application. A grant will only be awarded if there is a minimum of 100.000 euro of eligible production spend in the Netherlands. The available annual budget will be allocated across 4 application rounds.

In each round eligible applications will be ranked on the basis of a points system. The points system contains elements to determine the impact of a film production on the audio visual infrastructure and film culture in the Netherlands, the (cross border) development of creative and technical talent and the promotion of the Netherlands as a production location. A maximum of 200 points can be obtained. Only applications that reach a minimum of 75 points are taken into consideration. If the Netherlands Film Fund awards a grant, the subsequent film production should be completely financed within 6 months of the Fund’s decision.
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