Postproduction for sound and vision

Cinemeta is a full service company for audio and video editing. From editing to delivery we are equipped for: feature films, TV series, documentaries, art films, animated films, commercials, trailers, promos, leaders and video clips.

“Short lines of communication”

For the VFX (Special Effects) of our feature film we have very successfully worked together with Cinemeta. Especially their short lines of communication and the advantage of just having one contact appealed to me. These are crucial factors in the complex business of
creating motion picture special effects.
Moreover, Cinemeta is a quick and innovative player and their expertise is sky-high, so what’s not to like? Flexibility, quality and a perfect product!

Erik van Wegen

‎Line Producer / Production Supervisor, Tom de Mol Productions

Perfect quality

We have been working together with Cinemeta on several productions now. Their team is always ready to help out and they deliver quality products.  Professionalism and flexibility are the main reasons we choose to work with Cinemeta. In the hectic times of postproduction and meeting deadlines Cinemeta is a reliable partner, and communication lines are short and swift.

Cinemeta’s greatest advantage is that they have all postproduction facilities under one roof. I can certainly recommend to go to Cinemeta for your audio and video postproduction.

Bernet Crucq

Executive producer, Interakt

A sense of security

For years Cinemeta has taken care of the postproduction, both audio and video, for the films we make on behalf of the Government and other clients. That gives us a sense of security: the films are rounded off perfectly.
From beginning to end the films get the care and attention they deserve.

Ivo Broekhuizen

Director – Owner, Ivo Broekhuizen Communicatie

“I can work here all day long”

For the commercial Ghost Recon Wildlands from Ubisoft I was happy to finish the surround mix at Cinemeta. It is always a good thing when the editor comes up with his own suggestions next to the clients specific requirements. And when, after the final mix, he delightedly sighs: “I just love my job”, you know that everything has worked out perfectly. On to the next production which I will be glad to finish off at Cinemeta again.

Erik Kroon

Owner, Punchcreative


We at Raúl & Rigel like to finish the audio mix for our web videos at the Cinemeta studios. Jacó and her team are great and skilled experts and very flexible when it comes to opening hours. We produce brand activations and videos with very short lead times, so their hands-on approach and extended opening hours are vital to us.

Filip Kohlmann

Partner, Raúl & Rigel

Fireman Sam “Alien Alert” is a full length feature film for which Cinemeta provided the localisation. The Dutch dubbing voices were recorded at out studio and all picture elements were localised.

Royal Eijkelkamp

The cinema mix for Heinekens’s latest commercial was mixed in our theatre, commissioned by the Ambassadors.


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Our core values


Both in audio and video we deliver the best quality for your production to get to the core of your message, from the supply of raw data to finished deliveries.


Because we also do the post production for documentaries, series, feature films, commercials and commissioned films, we have a well-established and in-depth expertise in everything audio and video.

Human Approach

Whatever the question, we make every assignment personal. Close cooperation and excellent teamwork are essential in delivering a perfect production.

High Quality

Our expertise and professionalism in the field of postproduction for both corporate films and various other types of productions are the basis for our high quality products. We exist by the high standard of quality we deliver and we’ve been doing that for 10 years.


We have 10 years of experience with both big and smaller productions, including documentaries, TV series, feature films, commercials, corporate and commissioned films. Our customers can optimally gain from that expertise!

Everything under one roof

We have extensive know how in the field of communication, video, audio, animation, voice over, camera crews, recording studios, you name it! We offer a total package in postproduction. Come and visit us to see for yourself.

Fair price

With our full-service concept, close customer cooperation and efficient teamwork  we can help you determine which components you need for your production. This ensures the best quality for a good price.

Transparent process

We like to get the message across to your target audience in the most effective way. In order to create the best production possible, within the assigned budget, we strive for constructive cooperation with our customers and we will plan the whole process together, step by step, so that you are involved in the process all the way.

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