Compositing is the art of combining different layers to one single image. Most of the time the viewer is not even aware of the fact that an image is made up of different components and that’s exactly the way we want it!

The most widely known technique in compositing is Chroma-key. The blue or green background is replaced by the new desired image. However, compositing is not limited to two sources only. In very elaborate scenes composits can be made up of numerous layers.

Cinemeta is highly experienced in these techniques and we are happy to advise you in this field.

Constructive thinking

We really like to work with Cinemeta, even if we’re only partly outsourcing our production. They are always quick to respond and very flexible. If there are any problems to be solved they don’t wait around till it’s too late, but they help think of possible solutions in a constructive way and the end result is always amazing. In short, perfect teamwork.

Alexander Brouwers

Owner / Producer / Director, Hardzout