DCP Master

Here at Cinemeta we have a special unit for making DCPs (Digital Cinema Package). Our technical facilities in audio & video and our big film theatre with 56 seats make Cinemeta the ideal place for this. We can provide all necessary steps: encryption, repacking, subtitling, versioning, and distribution, with a standard back-up service for all your data.

With international DCPs we can provide subtitling or multiple-language subtitling. We can add logos or make then disappear. We can also make screeners from your DCP as a digital file, DVD or Blu-Ray. Each DCP is subjected to scrutinous quality control in our own cinema before final delivery.

DCPs are becoming increasingly popular and of all the productions we complete here at Cinemeta, we more often than not include a DCP next to the other file formats.

Besides for films and documentaries we regularly make DCPs for cinema advertising. The producers of these commercials can really appreciate that shortly after the audio mix for the film commercial is ready, they can walk out the door with their DCP on a disc or USB flash drive. We can also send the final product directly to the advertising distributor or any other party that needs to have the content right away.

Als Contact Film, distributeur van kwaliteits-films, kennen wij natuurlijk het bedrijf Cinemeta. Sinds de digitalisering, welke rond 2010 zijn intrede deed in de filmtheaters is de samenwerking flink geïntensiveerd en we werken nu al jaren, met tevredenheid samen met Cinemeta Digitaal.

Belangrijk hierbij is niet alleen de kwaliteit die zij afleveren, maar ook de service en de klant vriendelijkheid. Films die toch op het laatste moment overgezet moeten worden naar een DCP en de sleutels die moeten worden verzonden. We kunnen daarbij altijd op de service van Cinemeta rekenen.

Gerard Huisman

Directeur, Contactfilm