Dolby 5.1 / 7.1 mastering

Surround sound creates a 360 sound field for your film. Current technological developments have made 5.1 or 7.1 audio mixing available at attractive hourly rates. Worldwide, 5.1 is the generally adopted household format and with movies, people always expect surround sound. Here at Cinemeta we have a specially equipped film theatre where surround sound is mixed by Dolby standards.

All audio signals are brought to the correct level and the balance and panning between the different channels is set. Imagine, for example, you hear an airplane flying straight across the cinema hall  from the front left to the rear right. Or, on the other hand, a piece of dialogue coming only from the centre channel. On the right you will find a small compilation of cinema advertising that was mastered at Cinemeta using Dolby 5.1.

“I can work here all day long”

For the commercial Ghost Recon Wildlands from Ubisoft I was happy to finish the surround mix at Cinemeta. It is always a good thing when the editor comes up with his own suggestions next to the clients specific requirements. And when, after the final mix, he delightedly sighs: “I just love my job”, you know that everything has worked out perfectly. On to the next production which I will be glad to finish off at Cinemeta again.

Erik Kroon

Owner, Punchcreative

Dolby 5.1. Kappen! Cinema movie commissioned by Shooting Star
Dolby 5.1 en 7.1. Mixing and Mastering in our theatre