Finishing is the last step in a production. All final materials come together at this point. Colour corrected video, mixed audio, main titles and credits, subtitling; everything is put in the right place. When all elements are put together we can create a so-called Masterfile. This file is of the highest quality. After thorough content and technical checks this Masterfile will be used for further applications.

Perfect quality

We have been working together with Cinemeta on several productions now. Their team is always ready to help out and they deliver quality products. Professionalism and flexibility are the main reasons we choose to work with Cinemeta. In the hectic times of postproduction and meeting deadlines Cinemeta is a reliable partner, and communication lines are short and swift. Cinemeta’s greatest advantage is that they have all postproduction facilities under one roof. I can certainly recommend to go to Cinemeta for your audio and video postproduction.

Bernet Crucq

Executive Producer, Interakt