Our foley (gerausmach) studio is specially designed to perform this very specific audio technique.
In the accompanying film we will show how foley works and what a specialist job this is.
Cinemeta has built up a world of experience in foley and we have an extensive collection of foley attributes to create all kinds of foley sounds.


About Foley

A Geräuschmacher (from German, ‘soundmaker’) or foley artist is someone who takes care of the sound effects in a film or radio play. He creates sounds that were missing in the original recording or recreates sounds that were of too poor quality. Think of footsteps, creaking doors or ambient noise. Many films and documentaries are fitted with foley sounds in order to match sound and vision. In movies, unwanted background noise during recording, like airplanes flying by for instance, can similarly be polished away.
The English term foley artist is derived from Jack Foley, one of the first people to use this method. Foley began his career in the film industry as stand-in and screenwriter during the glory days of the silent movie.