Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics, or mograph, is a form of animation that, in short, deals with graphic design that “moves”. We have a broad background in ‘mograph’ and our expertise in the field of graphic design and typography is an important asset.
We generally use Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D, but all in all most image software can be used to produce motion graphics. For examples see our portfolio.

Innovative approach

As Q-International we have come to know Cinemeta as the specialist producer of corporate films with an innovative, creative approach. In the first exploratory meetings their long practical experience is immediately evident in their project approach. This is reflected in the script in which the financial and practical feasibility of the project is expressed. Cinemeta offers a full-service concept aimed at unburdening you in an easily understandable process in which a film is built up step by step through a clearly designed story board.

It is always exiting to see how the 3D animation crew always manages to incorporate outstanding new 3D elements into every new film with an explicit wow factor. This certainly also applies to the music they regularly compose themselves and the sound effects they come up with. All this on top of the more than reasonable and fair prices they quote. And this goes for additional work too. We at Q-International therefore have every intention of continuing our excellent cooperation with Cinemeta for many years to come.

Peter Pelgrum

Director, Q-International