Ru van Meeteren

Ru van Meeteren. Cinemeta

After finishing the Photo Academy Ru van Meeteren served in the Royal Navy at Den Helder in 1979, and after that at the Naval Film Services in The Hague. This led the way to the NLF, het Nederlands Laboratorium voor Filmtechniek (Dutch Laboratory of Film Techniques) in Loenen a/d Vecht where he completed his cinematic education. In the following 20 years he worked for several companies in the film and television industry, in various capacities. In 2001 he started his own postproduction company, RVM Postproductions, specializing in scanning and colour correction of feature films and documentaries, and digitalization for several national archives. This company merged with Meta Sound Studios in 2007 and Ru has been managing director of Cinemeta ever since.

On Februari 1st 2020 Ru has transferred his stocks and the managing director function to Marco van Bergen, he will commence as managing director of Cinemeta.

Ru will remain operational as advisor to our company.

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