Ruud Jehae

Ruud Jehae. Cinemeta

Ruud Jehae didn’t quite finish his last year at the HTS/Technical College in the late nineteen-eighties when he decided to give up student life and become a semi-professional percussionist. After these wild years he did finish his Masters Programme in Audio Design at the Art, Media and Technology College of the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

He started working for Metasound as sound engineer in 1999 and stayed on at Cinemeta after the merger and never left since. In his multidisciplinary function he takes care of all sound operations, focusing on high-end audio quality and audibility, voice and band recordings, foley and audio effects, the editing, mixing and conversion of sound, and mixing commercials, TV programmes, documentaries, children’s films and theatrical shows. He specializes in sound mixing for TV and mixing/recording audio for dubbed movies.

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