Source connect

For some time now we have been making ADR recordings for national and international film productions using Source Connect. Through an Internet connection and the Source Connect software and licences we are able to connect with studios all over the world.

With this new system the director, sound engineer and (voice)actor do not have to be at the same location when recording. With Source Connect you can record an actor or actress, who happens to be abroad and is unable to come to The Netherlands, at any given studio around the world, with the director and audio engineer here in Holland. The other way around also works: when a Dutch actor or actress participating in an international production cannot come to the studio abroad and an ADR is required, we can do the recording here.

This highly efficient way of working is very cost effective. We have worked up considerable know how in this field and can set up recording sessions with sound studios all over the world in no time.

Source connect. Cinemeta