Voice-over Database

Because of our long history in casting specific voices we have accumulated a comprehensive database of voice actors. Men, women, children, in many different languages; for every production we can find a matching voice for your character.

On the basis of your criteria – male/female, age, voice timbre – we can make a pre-selection for you to choose from. Film footage and the goals you want to achieve also play a major part in our consulting process.

Within Cinemeta Jacó Schoonhoven is the one to talk to on these matters. Want to know more? Call her at 020-3300330 or send her an e-mail jaco@cinemeta.nl

“It’s always a treat”

I’ve been working as a voice over for more than twenty years now.

I love to come to the Cinemeta studios; to do the voice over for a civic integration examination, an inspiring new language course or a commercial, or to dub a voice in a cinema film or an animated series like Fireman Sam. It makes no difference to me, I like it all.
I always look forward to working with these people whom I consider to be the best in their trade. Cinemeta always brings people together with the same passion and expertise in their field to make for an extra pleasant work atmosphere. It is always a treat to come here!
Above all there’s a sense of integrity with a real focus on delivering quality, things I personally value.
Equipmentwise they use great microphones, they have a very comfortable recording room for me as voice over, and they have a beautiful cinema theatre to review screenings.
All in all, a great atmosphere to work in with lovely people, from the nice reception lady to the planning department, you always feel welcome here!

Hildegard van Nylen

Voice Talent (Flemish and Dutch), Voice Talent

ADR Dubbing. Cinemeta
ADR Dubbing. Cinemeta